SSW062T (son of Asta/Haakon)
Black color, Solid pattern, Horned (B5H)
Jet black or with a hint of dark chocolate.
Solid black often frosts with age.
SSW081T (brother of Protein)
Moorit color, Solid pattern, Horned (M5H)
Varies from medium brown to golden tan.
Blondes with age.
SSW082T (son of Lilja)
Unknown (recessive) color, White pattern, Horned (01H)
Spotting gives whiter white than the white pattern.
Haakon (AI-LEIFUR son, a leader ram)
Black color, Grey pattern, Horned (B2H)
Horns grow out white in winter, black in summer.
SSW067T (son of Gisli/Haakon)
Black color, Mouflon pattern, Horned (B4H)
Mouflon has cream/white underbelly and little lines under the eyes.
SSW066T(son of Gisli/Haakon)
Black color, Grey and Mouflon patterns, Horned (B24H)
SSW069T (son of Solveig)
Moorit color, Mouflon pattern,
Horned (M4H)
Eydis HMR-505N (AI-Bambi)
Moorit color, Badgerface pattern,
Horned (M3H)
Cream on top, brown belly, moorit face mask.
Bjarna FFC-537T (AI-Tigull son, a leader ram)
Black color, Solid pattern with Spotting,
Horned (B5SH).
Mouflon/grey/badgerface can also show spotting.