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Welcome to SUNRISE SHEEP & WOOL, a small farm located in Sunrise Township in East Central Minnesota. We are located 6 miles East of North Branch, 1/2 mile South of Hiqhway 95.

The farm consists of 50 acres of pasture and 30 acres of Oak and Conifer forest. Between 2003 and 2020, it was the home to a flock of purebred Icelandic Sheep, who enjoyed the grass and hay raised on our farm.

Our breeding plan emphasized several different lines of Leadersheep from Iceland, which included Ari, Biskup, Blesi, Florgodi, Geri, Golsi, Joakim, Karl Philip, Leifur, Prestur, Skumur, and Tigull. For those interested in Leadersheep, two utube videos about Leadersheep are available: Icelandic Leadersheep, Part 1 (8 min) and Icelandic Leadersheep, Part 2 (9min). See also Anecdotes about Leadersheep.

In September of 2007, Sunrise Sheep & Wool served as the host farm for the 3rd SouthRam Icelandic Sheep VAI Seminar. Fifteen registrants and a couple of spouses enjoyed two days of learning and fellowship. For those who missed the seminar and those who want to relive part of it, a slide show of the festivities can be viewed here.

In 2021 we retired from active breeding due to the advanced age of our Senior Shepherd. The last six ewes left the farm in February. The links below provide information about our flock to Spinners interested in Icelandic Wool and Icelandic Rovings. We have also added a new page offering used sheep handling equipment.

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