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2018 Fall Fleeces

The fleeces offered for sale here are raw Icelandic fleeces from the 2018 Fall clip, which have been heavily skirted to remove belly wool and vegetative matter. An Icelandic fleece contains two types of fiber: the thel or undercoat that is very fine with lots of crimp, and the thog that has a longer staple (6-11" in the Fall), is less fine, and has lots of natural curl. Some spinnners prefer to spin the raw wool into yarn ("in the grease") because Icelandic fleeces contain only a moderate amount of natural lanolin. We only sell entire fleeces. Shipping charges within the United States will be added to your purchase price. For shipping outside the United States please email us for an estimate, or purchase the fleeces on Paypal and we will bill you for the shipping before we send the order. If you wish to purchase some fleeces, please order on-line via PayPal, or call or email us. Credit Cards (via PayPal), PayPal, or Personal Checks are accepted as payment.

Fall shearing takes place in October. If you wish to reserve a future Fall fleece, please call or email.

To reflect recent sales, please refresh the link for this page before ordering.

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Sheep ID and Photo Fleece For Sale Sheep ID and Photo Fleece For Sale
Eyglo Lamb SSW-378F
Golsi Geri Blesi Prestur

Photo with Fall fleece
Solid Black Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-378F

24.0 oz for $36

Halsa Lamb SSW-374F
Florgodi KarlPhilip Geri genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Solid Morrit Ewe Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-374F

35.2 oz for $53

Vinka Lamb SSW-371F
Golsi Geri Blesi Prestur

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-371F

27.2 oz for $41

Sighvit Lamb SSW-369F
Florgodi Geri Ari Leifur

Photo with Fall fleece
Morrit Spotted Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-369F

24.8 oz for $38

Snekja Lamb SSW-363F
Golsi Geri Joakim Tigull

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ewe Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-363F

26.4 oz for $40

Emma2 Lamb SSW-362F
Golsi Geri Bambi Tigull

Photo with Fall fleece
Solid Black Ewe Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-362F

26.4 oz for $40

Emma2 Lamb SSW-361F
Golsi Geri Bambi genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Morrit Badgerface Ewe Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-361F

23.2 oz for $35

Hrefna Lamb SSW-360F
Florgodi Geri KarlPhilip genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Solid Morrit Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-360F

28.8 oz for $44

Hrefna Lamb SSW-359F
Florgodi Geri KarlPhilip genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Morrit Grey Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-359F

29.6 oz for $45

Geirlaug Lamb SSW-355F
Golsi KarlPhilip Geri Tigull

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Grey Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-355F

29.6 oz for $45

Ludia Lamb SSW-353F
Florgodi Geri Leifur Biskup

Photo with Fall fleece
Morrit Spotted Ram Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-353F

26.4 oz for $40

Yrsa Lamb SSW-350F
Golsi Geri Bambi Leifur

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ewe Lamb
Lamb Fleece from SSW-350F

22.4 oz for $34


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Sheep ID and Photo Fleece For Sale Sheep ID and Photo Fleece For Sale
"Eyglo" SSW-314C
Blesi Prestur Leifur Tigull

Photo with Fall fleece
Solid Black Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-314C

23.2 oz for $27

"Sighvit" SSW-303C
Ari Leifur Geri Tigull

Photo with Fall fleece
Morrit Spotted Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-303C

25.6 oz for $29

"Mirjam" SSW-294C
Joakim Biskup Tigull Hnykill

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Grey Spotted Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-294C

46.4 oz for $53
"Leista" SSW-290B
Joakim Blesi Prestur Tigull

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-290B

51.2 oz for $58

 "Vinka" SSW-242A
Blesi Prestur Leifur Ari

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Mouflon Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-242A

36.6 oz for $37

"Sjona" SSW-233A
Leifur Ari Prestur Bambi

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Mouflon Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-233A

41.6 oz for $47

"Grita" SSW-104U
Blesi Prestur genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ewe
Fall Fleece from SSW-104U

27.2 oz for $31

"Gigar" BEL-715C
Florgodi Geri Tigull genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Moorit Spotted Ram
Fall Fleece from BEL-715C

83.2 oz for $94
"Thordar" BEL-815D
Golsi Geri Tigull genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ram
Fall Fleece from BEL-815D

69.6oz for $79

"Orvi" SSW-286B
KarlPhilip Prestur Geri Blesi

Photo with Fall fleece
Moorit Grey Ram
Fall Fleece from SSW-286B

74.4 oz for $84

Geri Ari Blesi Prestur

Photo with LAMB fleece
Moorit Spotted Ram
Fall Fleece from SSW-337D

70.4 oz for $80

Loki Ram SSW-329D
Joakim Biskup Hnykill Genetics

Photo with Fall fleece
Black Spotted Ram
Fall Fleece from SSW-329D

63.2 oz for $72


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The above fleeces are from the Fall clip of 2018, which were posted here on WoolFleecesFall.htm on 11/14/18.
Fleeces from other Fall clips are available on WoolFleecesOnSale.htm. Those prices are substantially reduced.
List Printout: If you are interested in a hard-copy printout of this web page, to study off-line in more detail, simply select FILE/PRINT in your browser. The current page formating is set for 0.5 inch left/right margins and 0.3 inch top/bottom margins in PORTRAIT mode (print at 80%).
Colors: The exact shades of colors seen here may vary slightly, depending upon the monitor you are displaying them on. The color black is particularly difficult to photograph accurately. Often lighter shades of black will appear brown on a digital photo. In some cases we have had to resort to a black&white photograph to accurately present the true color of a black fleece. Spotting is a lack of color in areas without spots, so the "whitest" fleece will come from a spotted sheep.
Weights: The fleeces are priced according to the weights at shearing; the shipped weight may be 5-6% less due to moisture loss during storage.
Genetics: The names above each sheep's picture refer to breeding rams in Iceland to which each sheep is related. A VAI-Ewe or VAI-Ram is the product of vaginal articifial insemination using frozen semen from rams currently living in Iceland. We began using this procedure for introducing new genetics into our flock after hosting the 3rd SouthRam VAI Workshop at our farm in September of 2007.


"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Icelandic fleece I purchased from you. And I was delighted to receive a picture of the sheep! Thank you for sending it so promptly. I will definitely do business again with you. "
     (CW from New Mexico)
"Hi, I was very pleasantly surprised today to receive my fleece, as they came in less than a week! Awesome is the best word to describe them. They are clean from matter/veg. and well skirted. I would never have thought that Icelandics would be so fine. If I ever stop hugging them, I will thoroughly enjoy spinning them. LOL Thanks for the pictures - it is almost as good as really owning them. Once again, sincere thanks for your well run business. 1 : ) customer!"
     (LF from Ontario)
"Hi Dave - I received the lamb fleece today, and it's lovely! I have to say I wasn't entirely sure I would enjoy working with the Icelandic, as the commercial prep roving I've handled to date has been sort of ... average. But the fleece I received is incredibly soft. I don't think I'll be separating it out at all to spin - it will all be prepped together. Don't be surprised if you see another order from me soon - I may be an Icelandic convert, as this fleece has me sold on the breed. Thanks again,"
     (TG from Missouri)
"I just wanted to let you know the fleeces arrived and I am so pleased. I have already washed Frida['s fleece], carded some batts with the combined wools and sampled up some yarn and I really can't decide whether to make a soft and sturdy sock yarn, or to spin some lopi-esqe singles for a vest! Siri is waiting her turn and Margaret's roving is scrumptious. BTW, where do you send your fleeces for processing [into roving]? - they do a great job - and not everyone wants to process the longer fibers. I am really surprised at the softness of these fleeces and I am so glad to know where I can get more! It is also such fun to have the pics [pictures of the sheep] too! "
     (TS from California)
"I wanted to take a minute and send you a quick email to tell you how happy and excited I am with the fleece (SSW-092U) I just recieved today - and the picture [of the sheep]! I absolutely love the moorit grey color, and it is amazingly clean/soft. I couldn't resist ordering another the other day and can't wait to see Solveig's fleece in person! Thank you very much, I look forward to doing much more business with you in the future."
     (KL from Maine)
"Dear David - the icelandic fleece arrived last week and I finally got to sort and wash it today and wanted to let you know I am really so happy with it. Lovely bright white, soft thel and nice and clean. Thanks so much. And, I loved the sheep picture! I am really looking forward to the spinning! Want to separate the coats and make a very special lace scarf or shawl with the thel."
     (CD from British Columbia)
"David - Brunyar's fleece arrived Friday, I've been sorting and starting to wash his fleece this weekend. It is all I expected and more. He has beautiful long white locks, it will be a joy to spin. I just have to decide what, which is another fun process. Please give Brunyar a pat for me and tell him to keep up the good work. I look forward to purchasing a fleece of one of Brunyar's pals in the future. And by the way, I really like the fact that you have a picture of the sheep next to his/her fleece picture. It makes the shopping so much easier and enjoyable. I like knowing whose fleece I have and what they look like."
     (VB from Ohio)
"The first fleece was so nice I couldn't help but get a few more. Fabulous! Thank you so much!"
     (SS from Michigan)
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